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  • NO SHOCK - Our humane anti barking training collars only use a series of beeps and vibrations to teach your dog instead of harmful shocks that may burn their skin!
  • RAINPROOF - Our dog training collar can be worn at any time throughout the seasons weather that's in wind, heat, or rain! Have confidence knowing that the collar will be okay when your dog runs through the rain or sprinklers!
  • RECHARGEABLE - Our dog training collar runs on a 250mA lithium battery with a long run time and the ability to be recharged, which saves you time and money on going out and getting more batteries!
  • SAFE AND PET FRIENDLY - Our collar is also equipped with 7 sensitivity levels which can be adjusted to work for bigger and less sensitive dogs or smaller and more sensitive dogs!
  • SATISFACTION GUARANTEED - We take great pride and care in manufacturing and developing only the highest quality products for our new and loyal customers!
  • SUPER FASHIONABLE: Comes with four interchangeable face plates (Black, Blue, Pink and Orange)!

Love 4 Paws Rechargeable No Shock Bark Collar

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  • Tired of trying to train your dog with treats or whistles? Don't want to use collars that deal dangerous electric charges or shocks? Here at LOVE 4 PAWS, we have just what you need! Our intelligent anti barking collar stops barking with progressively increasing sound & vibration stimulation. It is humane & safe and does NOT use static stimulation! Our collar uses a variety of beeps and vibrations to help teach your dog! There are also 7 sensitivity levels allowing this collar to work for very sensitive and also very insensitive dogs alike! The collar is activated by only throat vibration when your dog is barking and is able to tell the difference between barking and any foreign noises! A microprocessor distinguishes your dogs bark from other environmental noises and automatically delivers a sound & vibration after each bark, this keeps your dog protected! Along with all this protection, it is still recommended that you do not keep this collar on your dog for more than 12 hours.The collar is powered by a 250mA lithium battery which is long lasting and chargeable, allowing you to save money and time on going out and getting new batteries! This collar is also rainproof, allowing your dog to run through the rain, sprinklers, or even get sprayed by a hose! This collar is most effective on dogs 8 lbs - 80 lbs and is equipped with a black polyester strap which has 2 reflective strips to protect you at night! It also is able to adjust from 6 inches to 20 inches making it great for a wide variety of dogs! This collar also includes 4 faceplate colors; black, blue, pink and orange! These are interchangeable for your preference and as backups incase of loss! We put 100% into satisfying each and every new and loyal customer! So What are you waiting for? Invest in yourself! Click on the ‘add to cart’ button while supplies last!

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