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All You Want To Know And More

Why Choose Love 4 Paws?

Here at Love 4 Paws we believe in love in every bite! The ingredients we use for our treats are the same ingredients you would find on your own kitchen table with the exception of some dog safe alternatives. We use only fresh and wholesome ingredients to provide dogs with natural treats you can trust! Each variety is hand-made and baked in small batches to provide the best quality. All ingredients are 100% natural, organic, and human-grade, sourced here in TN. If we don't eat it, our dogs don't eat it! No fillers, ever, making our treats easy for your fur-friends to digest! Just 100% wholesome, all natural treats your pups will love!

How does this work?

If you are looking to celebrate your dog's birthday, adoption, or some other milestone, you came to the right place! Just browse through our designs, select the one that speaks to you, and then choose a cake topper, or toy (or heck, add both, don’t let us stop you) to really show your dog the love. That’s it! We deliver a fun package right to your door that contains all the goodies you selected and you can get straight to the fun part…partying with your pup!

Can you make custom cakes?

Absolutely. We love custom orders! Whether you want a cake that is larger, smaller, purple-ier, or a tiered fanciful cake fit for canine nuptials (yes, that’s right, we can do doggy wedding cakes!) we want to hear what you are looking for. We’ll do our best to make it happen. Please email: to inquire about a custom order.

Can I eat my dogs cake or treat?

Of course you can! Everything we bake with is 100% organic, human-grade and while you COULD consume it, we don’t recommend it. Your dog will give you dirty looks, and our cakes are made to suite the tastes of your pooch. This means they aren’t sweet and you may find the flavors and textures less than appetizing. Don’t worry though, your dog is sure to approve!

My dog has an allergy, can I change the ingredients in a cake/treat?

Yes! We are here to help! When you choose a cake or treat from one of our collections, you will see a special requests tab. Let us know how we can make the perfect treat for them. If you don't see exactly what you are looking for or have further questions give us an email at: and we will be happy to customize just for you!

What are the benefits of becoming a member?

Our member login is perfect for that on the go busy bee. You can create an account for free and make all your future purchases fast and easy, more time to spend with your pooch! In our members area you can see current orders, past orders, tracking info, instant reorders, and save your preferred address and payment method. Not to mention get promo codes and free products that only our exclusive members will receive, its pup-tastic!

Cancellation Policy

Here at Love 4 Paws we fresh bake to order daily and only send your pup the best of the best, which is why we offer a full refund for orders cancelled with at least a 24 hour notice.

Refund Policy

Love 4 Paws is committed to you and your paw pal's happiness! We stand fully behind our products and offer a 30-day money back guarantee, upon return, on all training collars.

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